The studies below were initiated in 2020 & 2021 by Inova Trauma Center

I. Prospective Data Collection

IRB# U21-03-4413
Title: Compassion fatigue and burn out in trauma registry professionals: A mixed methods study by the American Trauma Society [Multi-center study; Inova coordinating]
Aim: Determine whether CF or burnout can be identified in TRPs, linked to their work as registrars.
PI: Newcomb
Status: Enrolling/collecting data

IRB# U21-05-4461
Title: The Community of Trauma Care - Partnering with Patients and Caregivers to Improve Injury Outcomes [Multi-center study; Coalition for National Trauma Research is coordinating]
Aim: 1.Establish a stakeholder Injury Research Engagement Panel (I-REP) to partner with trauma researchers conducting CER and PCOR from conception to dissemination; 2. Identify patient caregiver preferred methods for CE and PCOR research engagement, including informed consent approaches and the collection of long-term outcomes (including PROs); 3. Assemble a sustainable panel of diverse trauma stakeholders to advise researchers on research proposals and active studies; 4. Provide ongoing education to researchers, sharing strategies to increase engagement and relevance for patients
PI: Newcomb
Status: Funded by PCORI grant; recruitment

IRB# U19-09-3763
Title: Prospective comparison of a short versus long chest tube water seal trial for traumatic pneumothorax [Multi-center study; Inova is coordinating center]
Aim: Compare a shorter versus a longer water seal trial regimen prior to chest tube removal in patients with a chest tube placed for traumatic pneumothorax
PI: Michetti
Status: Data collection

IRB# U2004-3993
Title: Building Rapport and Earning the Surgical Patient’s Trust in the Era of Social Distancing: Teaching Patient Centered Communication with Video Conferencing to Medical Students
Aim: Increase medical student and surgical resident comfort and skill communicating with patients during video consult; identify effective techniques for surgeons to build rapport and earn trust with patients during video consult.
PI: Newcomb
Status: Data collection, manuscript writing

IRB# U20-06-4148
Title: A quantitative feasibility study that describes behavior norms, attitudes, and the perceived control providers assimilate regarding trauma patient transitions
Aim: Characterize provider behavior during transitions of trauma patients from the ICU to the floor/ward.
PI: Messing
Status: Manuscript writing

IRB# U20-05-4060
Title: Survey of ICU consultation practices: A survey of the AAST Critical Care Committee
Aim: Understand current practices in surgical critical care (SCC), the degree of alignment between SCC training and real world practice, and identify gaps in contemporary SCC training and education.
PI: Michetti
Status: Data analysis

IRB# U21-04-4442
Title: Unplanned-extubation in surgical ICU patients: Incidence, Determinants Complications, and Outcomes [Single-center study]
Aim: Identify precursors, characteristics and outcomes of patients after unplanned extubation at Inova Fairfax Hospital Trauma ICU as well as determinants and risk factors.
PI: Teicher
Status: IRB review

IRB# U21-03-4426
Title: Breaking Old Dogma: Continuation of Enteral Feeds up to the Time of Tracheostomy and PEG Placement [Multi-center study; Buffalo coordinating]
Aim: Determine impact of continuation of enteral feeds up to the time of tracheostomy on nutritional status, risk of aspiration
PI: Teicher
Status: IRB review

II. Chart review

IRB# U20-10-4295
Title: Rapid Trauma Evaluation in the Emergency Department: A Nursing Initiative
Aim: Describe the RTE initiative and report on initial findings from implementation of the process.
PI: DiSalvo
Status: Data collection

IRB# U20-06-4114
Title: Short versus long duration of antimicrobial therapy after source control for necrotizing skin and soft tissue infections [Multi-center study; Cleveland Clinic coordinating]
Aim: Evaluate effect of short-term course of antimicrobials on a) meeting all the criteria for the composite endpoint: Necrotizing Infection Clinical Composite Endpoint (NICCE) and b) clinical outcomes, including length of stay, 30-day readmissions, and in-hospital mortality.
PI: Watras
Status: Data collection

IRB# U20-05-4090
Title: Complications of delayed presentation of emergency general surgery patients during the COVID-19 pandemic: a single institution study.
Aim: Assess the timeliness of hospital presentation of EGS patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, as measured by the percentage of advanced disease states.
PI: Michetti
Status: Data analysis

IRB# U20-07-4164
Title: A Retrospective Study on the Impact of Geriatric Medicine Consultation in Trauma Patients
Aim: Compare health outcomes between trauma patients ≥ 80 years old who received a geriatric medicine consultation and trauma patients ≥ 80 years old who did not receive a geriatric medicine consultation; determine if a geriatric consultation is an independent predictor of better health outcomes in trauma patients
PI: Mohess
Status: Data collection

IRB# U21-05-4468
Title: The incidence of falls among individuals 65 years and older in private residences in a large suburban EMS system
Aim: Identify patients >65 years triggering a deployment of a Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department team due to a fall in a private home in 2019; characterize the response, including transport to an ED, then disposition from the ED for those transported to our emergency department.
PI: Avstreih
Status: IRB review