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Active Research Projects – as of April 2020

Title: Relationships after trauma
Aim: To characterize romantic relationship functioning during recovery trauma traumatic injury and how injury affects individuals, their loved ones, and their relationships
PI: Newcomb/GMU
Status: IRB Review

Title: Associations between psychosocial factors and ICU length of stay
Aim: Explore associations between demographic factors and ICU LOS
PI: Watras
Status: IRB Review

Title: Study of ICU family experience when exposed to information regarding organ donation prior to patient’s death
Aim: Understand responses of family of recently deceased patients regarding info made available regarding OD in the ICU
PI: Michetti
Status: IRB Review

Title: Prospective comparison of a short versus long chest tube water seal trial for traumatic pneumothorax
Aim: Compare shorter vs. longer water seal trial regimen prior to CT removal (MIT, Inova is Coordinating Center)
PI: Michetti
Status: Enrolling sites

Title: Anterior Exposure of the Thoracic and Lumbar Spine: Morbidity by Level of Exposure and Underlying Pathology
Aim: Determine incidence of, and risk factors for ureter injury after anterior exposure of lumbar spine
PI: Seoudi
Status: Data analysis

Title: Effect of preinjury antihypertensive or antiarrhythmic medications on SI and ASI validity in predicting short-term mortality in geriatric trauma patients
Aim: Assess potential influence of preinjury antihypertension and/or antiarrhythmic medications on the SI of geriatric trauma patients
PI: Watras
Status: Data collection

IRB# U19-09-3764
Title: Identification of factors leading to increased in-hospital mortality rates following tracheostomy and PEG placement in the ICU
Aim: Evaluate in-hospital mortality following trach/PEG placement and factors predictive of mortality in the ICU.
PI: Franco
Status: IRB Data analysis

Title: Brain vs. Bone: Does fracture fixation technique influence outcomes in patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI)
Aim: Determine whether the type of lower extremity fracture fixation technique influences cognitive outcomes in patients with TBI
PI: Watras
Status: Data collection

Title: Retrospective observational trial of the management of acute necrotizing pancreatitis
Aim: Describe current interventional and surgical techniques employed in the management of infected or necrotizing pancreatitis
PI: Michetti
Status: IRB Review

Title: Pediatric Concussion Evaluations in the Emergency Department: Analysis of Management and Referrals
Aim: Characterize the demographics of pediatric patients presenting to the ED for concussion/mTBI and describe their pre-hospital and IFH Pediatrics ED evaluation and treatment
PI: Hwang
Status: Manuscript writing.

Title: Predictive Value of the Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) Nasal Swab PCR Assay for MRSA Pneumonia in the Trauma Patient
Aim: Determine whether a correlation exists between MRSA nasal swab results and MRSA LRTI in a trauma acute care surgery ICU
PI: Teicher
Status: Manuscript writing.

Title: Patient-Centered Communication for Trauma Nurses and Clinical Technicians: A Simulation-Based Curriculum
Aim: Measure efficacy of -day communication training course to improve staff knowledge & skill and patient experience
PI: Newcomb
Status: Manuscript writing.

Title: Prospective, observational multi-center analysis of pre-hospital tourniquet use in extremity injury
Aim: Compare outcomes of patients with extremity injuries presenting with or w/o pre-hospital tourniquet placement Methods: Prospective chart review
PI: Teicher
Status: Manuscript writing.

Title: Identification of factors that lead to increase in-hospital mortality rates following tracheostomy and PEG placement in non-trauma ICU patients
Aim: Identify factors associated with increased in-hospital mortality rates following tracheostomy and PEG placement in non-trauma ICU patients Methods: Retrospective Review
PI: Franco
Status: Analysis.

Title: A prospective multicenter evaluation of geriatric patients with traumatic brain injury (EAST multicenter observational study)
Aim: Establish an aggregate database of information on baseline clinical and demographic characteristics, medication use, markers of frailty, injury characteristics, management strategies, and outcomes following TBI in geriatric patients
PI: Watras
Status: Oral presentation @ AAST 9/19; manuscripts under review.

IRB# 17-2718
Title: Identifying Patient and Caregiver Centered Factors for Discharge Placement After Hip Fracture
Aim: Identify the common themes of patient and caregivers in context of discharge placement; develop a discharge assessment survey; begin observing the predictability of discharge destination.
PI: Schwartzbach
Status: Data analysis.

IRB# 17-2685
Title: Understanding Communication of Patient Prognosis in Critically Ill Surgical Patients
Aim: Compare understanding of patient prognosis among TICU family members to the surgical team’s understanding of the patient’s prognosis
PI: Dort
Status: Podium presentations (3), publications in press; initiating Phase III.

IRB# 17-2599
Title: Popliteal Artery in the Obese
Aim: To identify risk in obese population for sustaining popliteal injuries and the concomitant complications encountered during diagnosis and management
PI: Watras
Status: AAST poster presented 9/2017; manuscript in writing.

Title: Patterns and Consequences of Injuries Occurring in Collisions of Vehicles with Modern Occupant Protection Systems
Aim: Collect information on the vehicle crash dynamics, increase the diagnostic sensitivity and specificity of the trauma examination, assess the performance of occupant safety systems, provide info on vehicle performance so engineers design safer vehicles.
PI: Michetti
Status: Enrolling; 5 year grant restarted 10/2017.

IRB# 15-1998
Title: Patient-Centered Communication for Surgical Residents: A Simulation-Based Curriculum
Aim: Determine whether surgical resident communication skills according to standardized patients' evaluations using the Communication Assessment Tool (CAT) increase with formal communication skills curriculum
PI: Newcomb
Status: Implementation, data collection, analysis, writing. Annual presentations in national meetings in 2016 – 2019; 7 papers published from study.

IRB Exempt
Title: Barriers and Facilitators to Implementation of Injury Control Programs (Hopkins/Inova collaboration)
Aim: Identify structures and processes that exist in trauma centers that could serve as barriers and/or facilitators for widespread dissemination and implementation of the Injury Control Programs
PI: Newcomb
Status: In press, JTN