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The Studies Below Were Initiated in 2017 & 2018 by Inova Trauma Center:

Prospective – Consenting Patients/Survey

IRB# 17-2685

Title: Understanding Communication of Patient Prognosis in Critically Ill Surgical Patients
Aim: Compare understanding of patient prognosis among TICU family members to the surgical team’s understanding of the patient’s prognosis. 
Methods: Qualitative interviews of family
PI: Dort
Status: Enrolling/collecting data.

IRB# 17-2718

Title: Identifying Patient and Caregiver Centered Factors for Discharge Placement After Hip Fracture
Aim: Identify the common themes of patient and caregivers in context of discharge placement; develop a discharge assessment survey; begin observing the predictability of discharge destination.
Methods: Qualitative interviews of family and patients
PI: Schwartzbach
Status: Enrolling/collecting data.


Title: Clinician Survey of Chest Tube Management Methods in Trauma Patients
Aim: Identify the distribution of chest tube management techniques among trauma surgeons nationally
Methods: Survey of EAST membership
PI: Michetti
Status: Data collection/analysis complete; abstract submitted to EAST.

Chart Review

IRB# 17-2599

Title: Popliteal Artery in the Obese
Aim: To identify risk in obese population for sustaining popliteal injuries and the concomitant complications encountered during diagnosis and management.
PI: Watras
Status: AAST poster presented 9/17; manuscript in writing.


Title: A prospective multicenter evaluation of geriatric patients with traumatic brain injury (EAST multicenter observational study)
Aim: Establish an aggregate database of information on baseline clinical and demographic characteristics, medication use, markers of frailty, injury characteristics, management strategies, and outcomes following TBI in geriatric patients.
PI: Watras
Status: Enrolling.


Title: Identification of factors that lead to increase in-hospital mortality rates following tracheostomy and PEG placement in non-trauma ICU patients
Aim: Identify factors associated with increased in-hospital mortality rates following tracheostomy and PEG placement in non-trauma ICU patients
PI: Franco
Status: Analysis


Title: Prospective, observational multi-center analysis of pre-hospital tourniquet use in extremity injury
Aim: Compare outcomes of patients with extremity injuries presenting with or w/o pre-hospital tourniquet placement
PI: Teicher
Status: Enrolling


Title: Appendicitis in North America: a prospective observational study of the demographics, presentation, and outcomes of acute, perforated, and gangrenous appendicitis
Aim: Confirm/refute the concept that acute appendicitis, perforated appendicitis, and gangrenous appendicitis lie along the same continuum of natural history and spectrum of illness
PI: Teicher
Status: Abstract submitted to AAST; data collection complete.