A seamless way to pay

Inova offers paperless billing through MyChart Bill Pay — allowing you to easily view and manage your bills online.

Paperless billing offers many benefits, including:

  • Easy Access: View and pay your bills — anytime, anywhere
  • Convenient: Keep all your billing information in one secure place 
  • Eco-Friendly: Help the environment and reduce paper usage

How to pay your bill:

I have a billing statement from Inova or I already have an Inova MyChart account. 

If you have a billing statement for an account in collections with Aargon.

I don't have a MyChart account, but need to pay my bill.

Pay as a guest

FAQs about paperless billing

Inova is committed to reducing paper waste and offering seamless, convenient access to your healthcare and financial responsibilities. MyChart allows you to manage your appointments, view test results, request prescription refills, send messages to your care team, and pay your bill. It’s completely free and secure, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your health and billing information is safe.

You will receive an email or text when a payment is due. When you receive this message, follow the link that reads, "You have a new statement." For your security, you must verify your identity before you can view your statement. You can also visit Inova's MyChart to pay as a guest.

Yes, you can view previous billing statements from Inova. After verifying your identity, you can view previous billing statements under "View balance details" and click the Communications tab.

You can opt out of paperless billing if you prefer to receive paper statements. To opt out, follow the link provided in your email or text notification and select "View balance details." Under "Account Information," select "paperless preferences" and you will see an option to disable paperless billing. You can also update your communication preferences in the MyChart patient portal.

To verify your email address or to set notification settings, click on "Menu" and select "Communication Preferences" from under the "Account Settings" section to review. You may also want to check your browser settings to make sure MyChart emails are not being sent to junk mail or your spam folder.

We take great care to ensure your health information is kept private and secure. Access to information is controlled through secure activation codes, personal IDs and passwords. As a MyChart user, your role in maintaining the security of your medical information is:

  • Changing your password on a regular basis, and
  • Keeping your login ID and password confidential

We also encourage you to enable the two-step verification in MyChart. This adds another layer of security to protect your personal information when logging in to MyChart from a new device or internet browser. Once logged in, select Security Settings from the menu and click on Two-Step Verification.

Have an existing payment plan with Inova? Here are a few additional steps we need from you to continue your automatic payments:

  • Sign up for MyChart. You must have a MyChart account to view and manage your existing payment plan with Inova. Sign up today.
  • Use two-step verification. We encourage you to enable two-step verification to further protect your personal information when logging in to MyChart from a new device or internet browser. Enable two-step verification today.
  • View your billing summary. Take a look at your billing summary to view balance details.
  • Validate and confirm payment method. For authentication purposes, we encourage you to validate your payment method to continue automatic payments. Here’s how you can update your method of payment in MyChart.