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Inova recognizes and understands your increasing need to maximize employee productivity and encourage emotional balance in employees' lives. Programs designed to enhance and maintain employee health are offered throughout our broad network of facilities or at your worksite.

Corporate Services

An investment in your environment ensures that you are in compliance with regulatory guidelines and that the overall workplace is safe and accident-free. Whether you are part of industry, government or the service sector, our job is to help you to identify, monitor and reduce risk of employee injury. Benchmarking your current workplace and employee status will provide future evidence of improved safety and employee productivity.

Services include:

  • Ergonomics, cumulative trauma disorders control
  • Job site analysis and regulatory compliance
  • Levels I, II and III wellness programs
  • Surveillance screening

Employee Services

Hiring the right person for the job is critical to achieving your short- and long-term business goals. Our custom designed fitness testing programs provide you and your managers with the tools to test potential employees health risks, physical and functional status prior to employment. Continuous monitoring lets you know when employee status has changed, requiring replacement or rehabilitation.

Services to help reduce workplace incidents include:

  • Fitness testing
  • Substance abuse screening
  • Hearing conservation and testing
  • Psychological and vocational testing
  • Health education, immunizations

Behavioral Services

Daily distractions and personal concerns are not isolated to the home. To a great extent, employees who find emotional and recreational balance have the potential of performing at higher levels on the job. Employee assistance, mental health, substance abuse treatment and counseling and grief support are offered through:

  • Inova Employee Assistance, a service of Inova Health System and ENHANCE EAP
  • Inova Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Services
  • Inova Home Health, a service of Inova Fairfax Hospital