Inova provides pre- and post-employment physicals to help employers ensure their applicant/employee is physically capable of meeting the essential functions of the job.

A well-designed physical exam program can result in fewer injuries, lower costs and a better match of employees to their jobs. The exam is performed with attention to the job responsibilities, including physical requirements and potential exposures to hazardous materials.

The examination components depend on the job type and work-site environment. For example, jobs that require use of personal protective equipment (PPE), such as respiratory protection, often include a pulmonary function test (breathing test) as part of the pre-placement exam. Those involved in interstate trucking usually require a physical exam and a urine drug test.

How Results Are Shared

Once the pre- or post-employment examination is completed, the Employer will receive a written opinion from our medical provider about the person’s suitability to perform the job without health and safety risk to self or others. Inova maintains strict individual privacy and medical confidentiality for all patients.