On-the-job-accidents challenge you to protect injured workers and profitability.

Inova Occupational Health meets the challenge. We keep injured employees focused on a safe and timely return to work. Our programs are cost effective. And our functional outcomes are remarkable. Over 94 percent of the workers we treat return to the same job with the same employer.

We simplify what is otherwise time-consuming and complex. We coordinate the effort between you, the employee and the rehabilitation providers.

Inova Occupational Health rehabilitation programs address the physical and emotional requirements of actual work activities. Our exercise and job simulations closely match those needs. We restore lost function quickly and reduce the potential for long-term disability. We also create environments that prevent further work injury, decrease lost workdays and reduce claim costs.

Our seamless system manages each injury from initial medical treatment through return to work. Here are our key components:

  • A multi-specialty team, which may include physical medicine physicians, physical and occupational therapists, vocational rehabilitation counselors, industrial rehabilitation specialists, rehabilitation technicians and clinical psychologists, cares for each employee.
  • Injured workers receive a functional capacity evaluation of their physical and psychosocial state.
  • A case manager serves as liaison between you, the employee, and providers.
  • Work conditioning provides the extra physical rehabilitation to meet the necessary level of functioning.
  • Work hardening addresses psychosocial and physical needs.
  • We simulate job-specific work environments.
  • We offer Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance.

Our comprehensive work rehab program also includes injury prevention and ergonomics education geared toward employees who are not physically fit or who use their bodies improperly to perform work activities.