Inova Kellar Center is dedicated to providing excellence in quality mental health services to adolescents and their families in our Northern Virginia community. We strive to foster an emotionally and physically safe environment that strengthens resilience, improves pro-social adaptive behaviors, and supports patients and families in achieving their goals of safety in order to effectively function in their home, school, and community.

Inova Kellar Center offers two types of Intensive Outpatient Programs:

  • Mental Health (IOP-MH)
    The Intensive Outpatient Program for Mental Health treats adolescents who are in need of treatment/support due to a psychiatric condition that is interfering with their ability to function successfully within the community. This program is designed to avoid a higher level of care or to use as a step-down service within the continuum.
  • Substance-Related Disorders (IOP-SUD)
    The Intensive Substance-Use Disorders Program treats adolescents who have a history of alcohol or other drug use/abuse and who are able to attend school. It provides comprehensive treatment based on the American Society of Addiction Medicine model, Keep it Direct & Simple curriculum for patients. The Invitation to Change model is used in the family programming.

Program Components

  • Psychoeducation groups
    • Coping skills development
    • Relapse prevention strategies
  • Pro-social groups
  • Cognitive Behavioral and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy techniques
  • Expressive therapies
  • Process groups
  • Multi-family group
  • Family counseling
  • Parent support group
  • Collaboration with school and other providers

Admission Criteria

  • Adolescents between the age of 12 and 18 who are willing to participate in treatment as well as develop and utilize a safety plan
  • Those experiencing behavioral and/or mental health issues without the imminent risk for suicide, harm to self or harm to others
  • Those struggling with substance use must maintain abstinence from all mood-alerting substances during the period they are in the intensive outpatient program. 
  • Those who have struggled to find improvement at a lower level of care and/or looking for strategies to improve mood, manage anger, decrease anxiety, maintain school attendance, improve family relationships and decrease unsafe or maladaptive behavioral patterns
  • Parents and/or guardians willing to participate in program and follow treatment recommendations
  • Adolescents on psychiatric medications must be under the care of an outpatient psychiatrist in order participate in the program
  • Adolescents who are attending school
  • NOTE: Referrals and recommendations for additional outpatient services or assessments may occur on a case-by-case basis

Our Team

Members of our clinical staff have chosen to work with adolescents and have developed an expertise in working with this age group. Our team prides itself on the effective treatment provided to address the unique needs presented by this population. Our treatment team consists of:

  • Assigned therapist: A mental health professional with a Master’s in marriage and family therapy, counseling, social work or other related field.
  • Mental health therapists/counselors: Mental health professionals specializing in group treatment, with a Master’s level degree in counseling, social work or a related field.
  • Interns/externs: Interns and externs that are pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree in a mental health field.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Inova's Adolescent PHP and IOP Programs.

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