Comprehensive testing is the most extensive type of evaluation offered at Inova Kellar Center. It allows us to fully understand your child's strengths and weaknesses and identifies what may be causing the symptoms or behaviors of concern.

Children often have more than one difficulty that they struggle with. These multiple issues are sometimes challenging to tease apart.

In situations when various factors and explanations may be contributing to a child's difficulty, a comprehensive evaluation can help differentiate and identify these factors.

For example, attentional issues might be caused by anxiety and learning problems, or a child may be depressed because they have a reading disability.

What does comprehensive testing include?

Comprehensive testing will examine your child's functioning in all areas that could potentially contribute to the identified difficulties in school, home and other settings.

A customized battery of tests are tailored to address the attentional, psychoeducational and social/emotional realms.

Comprehensive testing may include combinations of:

  • Intelligence testing (i.e., IQ test)
  • Achievement testing
  • Attention and executive functioning testing
  • Information-processing testing, including visual and auditory processing, memory, psychomotor speed and visual-motor integration
  • Social/emotional testing
  • Consultation
  • Review of records