Inova Laboratories provides all the supplies necessary for the collection of specimens, including blood collection tubes, centrifuge, culture transport swabs, needles, preservative solutions, request forms, specialized kits for specimen collection, specimen bags, sterile urine containers, transport containers, and additional supplies required for venipuncture and capillary draws, based on referral volume.

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For Blood Collection:

  • Vacutainers®
  • Green-top (solium heparin) – 3ml
  • Grey-top (potassium oxalate/sodium fluoride) – 4ml
  • Lavender-top (EDTA) – 3ml
  • Light blue-top (sodium citrate) – 4.5ml
  • Light blue-top (sodium citrate) – 1.8 ml
  • Plain, red-top – 6.0ml
  • Royal blue-top metal free Monoject® tube (no additive) – 7ml
  • Royal blue-top metal free Monoject® tube (EDTA) – 7ml
  • Yellow-top serum gel tube – 5ml
  • Yellow serum gel microtainer – 0.5ml
  • Yellow-top (ACD solution B) – 6ml

For Tissue Collection

  • B-% fixative
  • Hank's balanced salt solution for chromosome analyses
  • 10% Formalin vials
  • Sure-Path Pap kit with brooms
  • PAP packs

For Microbiology Testing

  • Culture transport swabs for all viral cultures
  • Digene® specimen collection and transport kits for human papillomavirus testing
  • Pinworm examination kit
  • Blood culture bottles – aerobic
  • GC media plates
  • GC/chlamydia transport media (Gen Probe) male and female
  • M% transport media


  • Bags
  • Requests forms
  • Blood/Microbiology
  • Cytopathology
  • Pathology
  • Request for Supplies
  • Slide cartridges
  • Stool container, large (24 hour)
  • Stool container, small (4oz), aliquot or random
  • Urine container, 24 hour graduated
  • Urine container (60ml)
  • Urine collection kit with Vacutainer tube for culture
  • Urine culture tubes with straws
  • Glucose tolerance beverage