Requisition Forms

Requisition Instructions

Fully complete the patient information portion and please write legibly. Indicate the tests requested. Provide the first and last name of the physician ordering the test. This is critical for timely and accurate reporting of test results. Provide complete billing information.

Specimen Pickup or Lab Results: call 703-645-6175

Add-On Testing 

Requests for additional testing on specimens already submitted are accepted within 48 hours of specimen receipt. Inova Laboratories (IL) makes every effort to fulfill these requests, depending on the specific requirements of the add-on test.

The laboratory cannot perform add-on testing without a written order. Please fax requests for additional testing to 703-645-6136. No results will be released until the fax order is received.

If the physician requests a repeat determination as a result of an inconsistency between clinical diagnosis and the result obtained by IL, repeat analysis will be performed at no charge.

Test Results

NOTE: Any critical value determined will be phoned as soon as possible to the ordering clients.

Providers Can Receive Results Via:

  • PRINT: Automatically sent via a printer or fax to equipped offices
  • MAIL: Receive test results to your office via U.S. mail


Inova Laboratories is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of all patient information as required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). To preserve patient confidentiality, we may request one or more of the following when responding to your telephone inquiry for test results. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

  • Patient name and/or Social Security number
  • Client name and/or client number
  • Identification by individual that he or she is the "referring physician" identified on the requisition form by the client

Reflex Testing

IL identifies tests that reflex when medically appropriate. Based upon certain laboratory results, additional tests may be automatically performed and are known as "reflex testing."

In most cases, there is an additional charge to the patient or patient's insurance for these tests. Tests may be ordered with or without the reflex testing except for those that require follow-up because of clinical necessity or regulatory agency requirements.

Test Availability and Turnaround Times

Results of most routine procedures are available within 24 hours after the specimen is received at Inova Laboratories, Monday through Friday. The Inova Laboratories Test Catalog lists the days when a specific test is set up and the analysis time required for completion.

Referred test results for less commonly-performed procedures are available.