Overuse injuries bring more athletes to Inova Sports Medicine than any other injury. These types of injuries can occur in the workplace as well. Our sports medicine specialists treat the full spectrum of overuse injuries, making our program one of the most comprehensive in the region.

Overuse Injuries We Treat

There are many different types of overuse injuries. They may be challenging to diagnose because the symptoms resemble those of other sports injuries. We will determine your specific evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation plan based on the extent of your injury, its location, and your sport or occupation.

The most common overuse injuries that we treat are:

Injury affecting the muscle insertion on the outside of your elbow that results from repetitive motion of the wrist or elbow.

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Occurs when tendons become inflamed from overuse or repeated impact. Common types include rotator cuff tendinitis (shoulder) and Achilles tendinitis (lower leg).

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Occurs when cartilage and/or bone separate from a joint and migrate into the joint space, causing pain and instability. This condition affects the elbow, knees, ankles, shoulders and hips. 

Overuse injury to the growth plate on the inside of the elbow, commonly associated with throwing. 

Slipping of a vertebra in the spine that can cause pain and inflammation.