Welcome to Inova Health System and thank you for helping to teach a new generation of nurses! To ensure a safe and positive experience for both clinical faculty and students, please review the following annual nursing faculty requirements:

All returning clinical faculty instructors are required to:

  • Complete and submit annual Inova Health System competencies (COMPS) by December 31st of each calendar year
    A CD of COMPS content is obtained from your school's clinical placement coordinator. Review the content, complete the test and print. Send your printed, complete test to Debbie Hysjulien at the address below. You may not fax your test. 
    This requirement is waived if instructor is an Inova Health System employee.
  • Submit Documentation of Compliance Form
    This may not be faxed
  • Submit Confidentiality Acknowledgement & Medication Form
    This may not be faxed
  • Provide current Nursing License and American Heart Association CPR certification
    These may be faxed. Only American Heart Association CPR is accepted.
  • Have active GECE access
    GECE must be active within 180 days or you will need to reactivate.
  • Complete annual Accucheck return demonstration
    This must be done on the nursing unit by a qualified trainer. The trainer will complete your blood glucose verification form. You must submit a copy of this to Debbie Hysjulien.

Contact Information

Debbie Hysjulien
Nursing Contract & Credentialing Consultant
Inova Health System Professional Practice 
Cambridge Court 8110 Gatehouse Road, 200 West 
Falls Church, VA 22042
Tel: 703-289-2029 
Fax: 703-205-2380