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EpicCare Link


What is EpicCare Link?

EpicCare Link is a web-based application that extends the Inova Epic EMR to external facilities and community practices. EpicCare Link is not an EMR solution; it is a free, read-only application that provides community users secure, remote access to view information in the Inova Epic chart. With EpicCare Link, community/independent physicians can view select patient information that improves the continuity of care in our community. When a user is granted access, they receive access to Chart Review (including labs, medications, procedures and radiology imaging), demographics and insurance coverage information. Patient data is secure and available to users through a patient care relationship.

Who can use EpicCare Link?

Examples of possible Link users could be referring physicians; staff of a doctor who rounds in Inova hospitals; affiliate billers; and long-term care facilities. Link users can view and print notes, lab results, imaging studies, encounter reports and procedure documentation for their patients who are seen by Inova providers. Note: EpicCare Link is not an EMR solution and cannot be used by clinical staff to document patient information.

How does EpicCare Link work?

Shared Patient Groups: We have connected our live practices with shared Patient Groups that contain the patients with whom the practice’s providers have a relationship in Epic. We have configured EpicCare Link to automatically update patient lists with new patients when certain events occur. These events include outpatient and inpatient events, such as appointment scheduling, admissions, PCP changes and referral status changes. Patients are added to the group when one of these events occur, and then dropped off the group 30-90 days after the event has passed. Patients for whom one of the providers is their PCP will never drop off the list.

First Access to a New Patient: First Access allows users to grant themselves and their colleague’s access to a patient chart without requiring the intervention of a system administrator at Inova. To gain access to a patient’s information in EpicCare Link with First Access, the user must provide the patient’s full name, birth date, sex, and either zip code or MRN. This will enable the provider to view the patient’s record for 30 days before the patient drops off the list and must be searched for again. If any of these items is entered incorrectly, the user cannot access the patient’s record.

How to Sign Up for EpicCare Link Access

New physician practices needing EpicCare Link access and existing practices with EpicCare Link needing additional EpicCare Link users should send a request email to

Please include the following contact information:

  • Requester’s Name
  • Practice Administrator/Leader Contact
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Clinical Applications

EpicCare Link Sign-Up Process Overview

Access for physician office staff and third-party affiliates require the practice to be set up first with EpicCare Link. There are requirements that each practice must complete, as well as forms submitted for each user needing access to EpicCare Link.

Step 1

  1. EpicCare Link Practice Agreement: This should be signed by an authorized owner of the practice.
  2. Request Form and Task Analysis: This is a three-tab worksheet that identifies the formal office information, staff needing access and the physicians affiliated with the practice.
  3. Identify Authorizing Provider for the Clinic: Complete SARF for this provider to be processed.
    **One provider should be named as lead to sign off access forms; it is best to use a physician who is credentialed at Inova if possible.
  4. Epic Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA): A NDA is ONLY required for vendors and third-party affiliates serving the primary care team. Epic NDAs should be completed by the vendor / affiliate, not the practice, using the following link:

Step 2

Each user needing access to patient information via EpicCare Link will need to complete the following:

  1. System Access Request Form (SARF): SARFs are required for each team member who needs access to Inova's electronic medical record (EMR) system. SARFs are signed by the team member as well as a designated authorized provider. Note that each team member is required to have their own unique email.
  2. Online Training: Online training is required, and a Quick Start Guide is available. Training takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. Each team member will receive training information through an email which will provide login information.

Team Members and Emails

Each team member will receive three emails from Inova during the onboarding process.

  1. Email that contains username and password for access to the Inova network and applications
  2. Instructions on how to download an RSA token which is needed for authentication when accessing the Inova network
  3. Training instructions with user login information

EpicCare Link is not available until all three emails are received.

Team Member Access

  • Each team member must log in a minimum of every 60 days or access will be inactivated. A SARF will be required to reactivate the team member.
  • New team members will require a SARF and training – please send an email to for an EpicCare Link team member to assist with submitting the SARF.
  • Each practice should contact us if any team member with EpicCare Link access leaves the practice so that we can inactivate that team member’s access – please send an email to for an EpicCare Link team member to assist.