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Explore our Comprehensive Mental Health Care

For people struggling with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or any other mental illness, Inova Behavioral Health Services is here to help. We offer a range of treatment options in communities throughout Northern Virginia. Our services include short-term inpatient care, structured group therapy programs, and a variety of services to support psychological and emotional well-being.

Our process starts with a mental health evaluation to learn about the individual’s needs so that we can propose the right level of care. Next, we work as a team with each person to design a treatment plan that supports the journey toward well-being.

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Adult Mental Health Services

female Black doctor with a welcoming smile
Adult Mental Health: Inpatient

Inova's team members partner with each individual patient to support their safety and stability.

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Man participating in group session on laptop.
Adult Mental Health: Outpatient

Structured outpatient programs and clinics provide a high level of support without an overnight stay.

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Adult Mental Health: Telepsych

Our innovative technology provides convenient, faster access to behavioral health expertise.

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Adult Inpatient Hospital Locations

Adult Outpatient Programs and Services Locations