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Inova Vein Care Center provides expert treatment for patients with varicose veins, spider veins, and venous insufficiency. Our vascular surgeons are board certified and have years of experience providing the most current treatments. We will work with you to carefully review your history and develop the best plan of care for your situation.

If you would like to learn more about treatment options and how they can help improve your quality of life, call us at 703-280-5858 to schedule an appointment.  

Non-Surgical Treatments for Varicose Veins

Our first goal is to try non-surgical methods to relieve your symptoms.

Leg Elevation and Movement

If you have mild to moderate varicose veins, elevating your legs can help reduce leg swelling and relieve other symptoms. You may be instructed to prop your feet up above the level of your heart three or four times a day for about 15 minutes at a time.

When you need to stand for a long period of time, you can flex your legs occasionally to allow the venous pump to keep blood moving toward your heart.

Compression Stockings

For more severe varicose veins, you may be prescribed to wear compression stockings. Compression stockings are high elastic socks that squeeze your veins and stop excess blood from flowing backward. In this way, compression stockings also can help heal skin sores and prevent them from returning. For many patients, compression stockings effectively treat varicose veins and may be all that are needed to relieve pain and swelling and prevent future problems.

Slowing or Preventing Varicose Vein Growth

Steps to slow or prevent further varicose veins include maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, and elevating the feet while sitting.

Avoid clothing that constricts your waist, groin, or legs; shoes with high heels; and crossing the legs while sitting. While these measures may help prevent varicose veins in some people, they may only slow the onset of the condition in individuals who are susceptible.

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