Part of Inova's mission is to protect the health of the diverse community we serve. But in doing so, we create a variety of downstream health impacts stemming from the resources we use, the products we purchase and the waste we create.

Inova's efforts to better control the resources, products and chemicals used within our facilities not only contribute to an improved experience for patients, visitors and team members, but also help keep patients out of our facilities in the first place by contributing to a healthier community. 

In order to do this, we continuously analyze our operations to understand our largest impacts and to explore opportunities to minimize or eliminate them.

Inova's sustainability program targets eight key environmental focus areas that offer the greatest opportunity for impact and improvement.

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Waste Management Strategies

  • Reuse and repurpose materials before throwing away
  • Reduce amount of regulated medical waste (RMW) produced by Inova hospitals to industry best practice standards of 8-9%
  • Divert waste from landfills through recycling, source reduction and other strategies, with a goal of 25-30% diversion

Energy Management Strategies

  • Track and understand energy performance
  • Implement energy efficiency and conservation measures
  • Support new technologies which promote energy conservation and efficiency

Water Management Strategies

  • Implement water efficiency and conservation measures
  • Utilize grounds management practices which reduce water consumption
  • Support new technologies which promote water conservation and efficiency

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) Strategies

  • Understand and minimize lifecycle impacts of products used in Inova hospitals
  • Develop strategies to help purchasers identify environmentally preferable products
  • Work with suppliers to develop and support new, environmentally preferable products

Sustainable Food Strategies

  • Provide a variety of fresh, healthy food options to patients, team members and visitors
  • Minimize the environmental impact of food purchases while supporting local farmers
  • Promote wellness by increasing access to and knowledge of healthy food choices
  • In May 2018, we converted to all No Antibiotic Ever chicken breast in our hospital cafeterias. For more information, please see the resources below.

Alternative Transportation Strategies

  • Reduce environmental impact of Inova tream members' transportation choices
  • Increase availability and visibility of alternative transportation options for team members
  • Develop incentive programs to promote use of alternate modes of transportation

Green Building Strategies

  • Create safer healing environments through evidence-based design and green construction
  • Reduce environmental impacts of materials used during facility construction and maintenance
  • Develop a consistent, low-impact approach to the maintenance of Inova facilities

Health Information Technology (HIT) Strategies

  • Support technologies which streamline processes and deliver improved outcomes
  • Use HIT technologies as a tool to promote waste and energy reductions
  • Communicate the environmental co-benefits of HIT strategies