Energy Efficiency

Inova believes that energy conservation is vital to community health as reductions in energy use results in less air pollution, contributing to better health outcomes. Inova implements a multi-faceted approach to energy efficiency that includes regular maintenance of equipment; replacement of newer, more efficient technologies; adherence to energy saving criteria through LEED silver certification in our construction projects; behavioral strategies around turning off lights and equipment; as well as investigating how to take part in greening the grid that will benefit the community as a whole.

What We've Been Up To Lately

In 2020, Inova reduced its EUI (Energy Use Intensity) by 18% from a 2012 baseline. Our goal was to achieve a 20% reduction by 2020 and we continue to implement strategies to reduce our energy use. We monitor Inova Hospital System’s energy usage in partnership with the EPA’s Energy Star program and aim to reduce consumption by 2% each year onward through a combination of lighting, HVAC, building envelope and behavioral conservation measures.

Specific projects we have completed recently include:

  • LED lighting upgrades in hospital operating rooms (ORs) and parking facilities
  • Efficient HVAC and highly efficient energy systems, including a central plant hot water and steam system
  • Universal motion sensors to help turn off lights in low-use areas
  • Energy demand load response, which reduces strain on the community’s energy grid the need for the construction of new power plants

Team Member Call To Action

Interested in reducing energy usage in your unit? Every light, computer and coffee machine that is switched off when not in use makes a difference. Do you purchase or use large energy intensive equipment at Inova? When making a new purchase, consider Energy Star or other certifications that denote energy efficient products. Reach out to us at to discuss opportunities!