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8110 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church, VA 22042

Call Marie at 703-858-8936 to schedule your free consultation or contact her by email

Marie TolliverMeet Marie Tolliver, our patient navigator for Perinatal Services. Marie has more than 24 years of nursing experience, 21 of which were specialized experience in both labor-and-delivery and mother-baby care. She is dedicated to providing individualized patient-centered care and service excellence to our mothers-to-be, new mothers, and their babies. She is honored to discuss special needs and specific requests for your delivery to help you feel at ease and supported as you prepare to bring your new baby into the world.

In addition to her clinical background, Marie is a mother of three who has experienced vaginal births, one requiring an external version for breech followed by an oxytocin induction of labor. You’ll find she is uniquely qualified to answer questions, address your concerns and serve as a trusted resource for you and your growing family.

Marie graduated from Grand Canyon University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing and holds a national certification in inpatient obstetrics.

Marie can help you with:

  • Birthing wishes
  • Concerns and special requests
  • Preparations for your birth experience
  • Referrals to hospital- and community-based support services