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8095 Innovation Park Drive, Fairfax, VA 22031

Nursing Symposium

2023 Nursing Research and EBP Symposium

"Amplifying Nursing's Voice Through Research, EBP and Implementation Science"

Inova’s annual Nursing Research Symposium was created to provide professional nurses with an opportunity to present and learn about research and evidence-based practice to improve patient outcomes. Dynamic sessions will interest nurses with a variety of clinical and research experience.

Event Highlights:

  • Learn how nurses are using research, evidence-based practice and quality improvement to transform patient care and outcomes
  • Network with nurses who developed evidence-based practice projects and research
  • Contact hours are in the process of approval

Keynote Speaker

Deena Kelly Costa

Associate Professor: Yale School of Nursing & School of Medicine in the Section of Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine.

Attendee Reflections

“Many of these projects were true EBP projects and it was wonderful to see the impact and outcomes that can arise from implementing these in the clinical setting.”
“Really wonderfully put together virtual conference. It was engaging, the posters were very well done, and the virtual setting was interactive. The keynote opening speaker was very knowledgeable and I feel inspired to engage in more EBP!”
“This remains one of my favorite nursing conferences every year! You all did an amazing job once again!!”
“Nursing research is powerful. Evidence based practice is key to our progress as we continue on this beautiful journey.”
“I was impressed with how robust the research community is at Inova…”


Continuing Education (CE) Information

Coming soon.