The Inova Lung Transplant Program welcomes the opportunity to work with referring physicians to deliver the most appropriate, effective and personalized care for patients.

We are committed to providing both easy access and excellent outcomes to our lung transplant candidates and recipients. On an average, we are able to see patients for lung transplant evaluations within 2-4 weeks of obtaining the referral.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our program

Referral and Contact Information

Referring physicians may speak with members of the transplant team 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

During business hours, please use the following emails:

You may also page the lung transplant attending on call with referral information through the operator at 703-776-4001

A Letter from Our Advanced Lung Disease and Transplant Program Director

Dr. Steven NathanOn behalf of Inova Advanced Lung Disease and Transplant team, welcome. Transplantation is like no other procedure in terms of meticulous planning. Unlike popular TV shows, it doesn't happen overnight in hospital emergency rooms!

Our team carefully completes a series of important steps to ensure that patients are appropriate candidates and are well prepared for transplantation. This care and precision, we believe, is reflected in our higher-than-average survival statistics. Our most recent statistics show Inova lung recipients have the following survival rates: 1 month – 100% (with expected probability adjusted for patient and donor at 97.47); 1 year – 91.09% (with adjusted of 88.89) and 3 years – 66.67 (with adjusted of 70.26).

We also believe education is a key component to the preparation process because patients who are better informed tend to deal with post-transplant demands more successfully. Knowledge is empowering and demystifying for both patients and their caregivers.

We hope you'll explore this site with your family and friends and contact us if you need more information. Referring physicians, you may contact us at any time.