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Lung Research Team

Thank you in advance for your consideration and interest in our research. Together our combined efforts can make a difference in your future health, and the future health of others dealing with life-threatening lung disease.

Our team's first priority is you and your family. We are happy to answer questions and address your concerns.

Lung Research Team

First row: Nargues Weir, MD, Serina Zorrilla, RN (Clinical Research Nurse), Brenna Cannon, BS (Clinical Research Coordinator), Edwinia Battle, RN (Research Director), and Jennifer Pluhacek, RN (Clinical Research Nurse).

Second row: Shambhu Aryal, MD, Oksana Shlobin, MD, Priscila Dauphin, BS (Clinical Research Coordinator), Whitney Brown, MD, Steven Nathan, MD, Danielle, Dacosta, RN (Clinical Research Nurse), Merte Lemma-Woldehanna, BS (Project Manager), and Kareem Ahmad, MD.

Missing: Drew Venuto, BS (Clinical Research Coordinator), Claire Collins, BS (Research Project Associate), and Lori Schlegel, RN (Clinical Research Nurse).