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Advanced Lung Disease Research & Clinical Trials

Types of Clinical Trials

Some of our research studies are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies and allow us access to therapies not otherwise available to our patients. We also offer "home brew" studies, or investigator initiated research studies that are based on our own unique ideas. Some are quite simple and others expand upon conventional wisdom. Home brew studies include observational studies, which look at data gathered over time, as well as unique therapeutic trials available as a result of our association with the National Institutes of Health and George Mason University. Types of studies include:

  • NIH Sponsored Studies
  • Registries
  • Industry Studies
  • Biobanking

TOP 5 Inova Advanced Lung Disease Contributions to Clinical Care Advancement Through Patient-Centered Research

  1. Inova is one of 8 clinical research sites participating in lung transplant protocol PXUS 14-001, the ex vivo lung perfusion system clinical trial.
  2. Inova was a top enroller in a clinical trial of recombinant human pentraxin 2 in IPF which demonstrated a slower rate of decline in patients treated with the study drug in comparison to placebo. Our own Dr. Whitney Brown was included as an author in the JAMA publication resulting from this study. (JAMA 2018; 319(22): 2299-2307)
  3. Inova is a top three enroller for the Envisia Genomic Classifier, a novel diagnostic test for patients undergoing a VATS Biopsy procedure.
  4. Inova was a clinical research site participating in study of Nintedanib (Ofev) for IPF treatment, which is now FDA approved.
  5. Inova was a clinical research site participating in study of Pirfenidone (Esbriet) for IPF treatment, which is now FDA approved.

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