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Mental Health

Inova EAP Support

Inova Employee Assistance offers counseling, Work Life services, help locating such resources as child, elder or pet care, and help improving your overall health and well-being.

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CARE Peer Support Information

How do I access a Care Peer Supporter?
Peer Supporters are available in many departments. If you are new to your department, talk with your manager to learn more about your team’s support and contacts. Look for the green badge worn by these trained supporters.

Learn More about the CARE Peer Support Network

Mental Health Tools

Anxiety Management

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) is a group process that generally includes the impacted individuals and a trained professional whose responsibility is help the individuals understand their emotional reactions, validates their responses and provide tools and resources for stress management. The debriefing is not group therapy but rather is a process that enables the individuals to reflect on the traumatic events and its effects on the individuals. The debriefing provides psycho-education, promotes resiliency and recovery from high levels of stress and/or trauma situations.Onsite, live video group intervention, or referrals to individual counseling following a critical incident.
  • Call 1-800-346-0110 for consult.

Free Mental Health Counseling

  • 24/7 mental health counseling
  • 4 free sessions
  • Call 1-800-346-0110 or connect with us through the iConnect You mobile app: Passcode: 53062

Healing Health Resources

  • Healing Health is the producer of the C.A.R.E Channel relaxation programing for patients that has been used at IFMC for years. The free resources offered now are intended also for healthcare providers. Access Resources

Inova Well 9-Minute Body Scan Meditation

  • Body scan meditation is a good way for people to release tension they don’t even realize they’re experiencing. Body scanning involves paying attention to parts of the body and bodily sensations in a gradual sweeping of attention through the body from feet to head. Watch Now

Introduction to HeartMath

  • HeartMath is a system of simple and powerful self-regulation breathing techniques which are easy to learn and designed to be used “in the moment,” whatever the situation, to self-regulate your emotions and behaviors to reduce stress, increase resilience, and unlock your natural intuitive guidance for making more effective choices. This enables individuals to break through to greater levels of personal balance, creativity, insight and health. Watch Now

Mental Health Hospital Call-In Phone Line

  • Inova Mount Vernon Hospital Care Guides Phone Line - call during times of distress or for support:
    • 703-664-7263
    • 703-728-9084 (x 443)

Mindful Monday Email from Life with Cancer

  • Mindful Monday emails will be sent to you weekly via the oncology service line list serve. Email to sign up.

Mindfulness Matters

  • This session explores the basic principles of mindfulness and discusses the positive impact it has in different aspects of one's life. It also gives participants some basic mindfulness techniques that they can start adopting immediately in their everyday activities, as well as some exercises that they can start using. Learn More

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program

  • Offering 6 free telephonic sessions or 10 minute live Mindfulness sessions. 
  • Call 1-800-346-0110 for consult or login into Username: Inova | Password: EAP

My Next 90 Challenge

  • For the next 3 months we commit to living intentionally. Making small changes to form lasting lifestyle habits. Check out the MyNext90 to stay on track with your goals and staying well! Download the flier

Nurses' Week | Pressing Pause: A Bold Approach to Building Resilience, Endurance and Energy

  • As part of Inova's belated Nurses' Week Celebration, Nicholas Beamon of One Team Leadership hosted an inspirational webinar titled “Pressing Pause: A Bold Approach to Building Resilience, Endurance, and Energy.” Watch the webinar recording

A Personal Guide to Building Resiliency and Coping with Change

Positive Affirmations to Start Your Week or Day

  • Positive affirmation or positive self-talk can benefit not only yourself but also other people that you interact with. Affirmation is the shifting of thoughts resulting from negative to a more positive note. Positive affirmation brings to life a person’s capabilities, strengths, talents, and skills. Constantly repeating the things that you are capable of doing and forgetting hesitant feelings that usually hinder you from pursuing a particular goal can help a lot in achieving a positive more resilient result. Watch Now

Stress Reduction Breathing Tool | My 60 Seconds

  • My 60 Seconds, created by our very own Dr. Kanhan Anand from IMVH, is being used by nurses during huddles. My 60 Seconds

Team Leader Support

  • We understand that these are stressful times for each of us and our staff. We have developed a set of guidelines to help you respond to your staff’s concerns. Don’t underestimate how important you are to your team. Encouraging sharing among the team, providing reliable information about the pandemic, being a good listener, and serving as a role model are the incredibly powerful tools at your disposal. Download Team Leader Support

Understanding Resilience Seminar

  • When you are resilient, you are able to adjust quickly to new conditions, change your personal direction if required, and incorporate every life event more smoothly into your life. This online session will help participants understand what being resilient entails. Learn More

Virtual Reality Stories

  • Enjoy this link from Healium with stress-relief and mindful stories for all team members and their families. These stories can be played online, either at home or at work for a moment of pause. Watch Now

Virtual Workshops

Coping Strategies for a Holiday Season During COVID-19
Planning ahead with coping techniques can help manage stress levels and expectations for the holiday season. In this workshop, we will discuss ways to manage these concerns and share information you can use at work and at home. Hear from Inova Schar Cancer Institute oncology therapist David McGinness, LCSW, OSW-C and gain information and resources to enjoy. cope and stay safe.

Replay and participate in this webinar

Red Flags in My Mental Health – When Should I Reach Out for Help?
Recognizing the signs of when we are under deeper distress an distinguishing it from trauma is important to overall resilience in life. Asking for help when we need it helps us maintain our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being and safety. In this webinar, Jessie Joachim, PC, NCC, CEAP, SAP, Account Manager, Inova Employee Assistance helps us t concerns and learn when to know to seek professional help so that we can maintain our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.

Replay and participate in this webinar | Enter password: pzA4K#0J

Coping with the Stress and Strain of Educating Your Child (Tele-learning) from Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Students in K-12 education and their families have had to migrate from the classroom-in-the-school to tele-learning at home, often in an environment with other student learners or remote working parents. Tom Giroux, PhD, Program Manager of Psychological Services, Inova Kellar Center, Inova Behavioral Health Services provides tips to help you to help your child get the most from tele-learning and ideas on how to best communicate with school officials and keep up with changing policies.

Replay and participate in this webinar | Enter password: 7GveUt1*

Caring for Perinatal Women and Families During COVID-19
For perinatal women, it can be a time of feeling more vulnerable or feeling increased anxiety as a result of COVID-19. Mara Watts, MA, MEd, Director of Outreach and Education at Postpartum Support Virginia and Inova liaison will share questions you can ask your provider if you are concerned about COVID-19’s effect on perinatal women as well as • ways to distinguish between general anxiety and a health condition such as perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs), perinatal OCD or psychosis as well as a framework to build resiliency.

Replay and participate in this webinar | Enter password: mP@tsT&0

Art Therapy During the Time of COVID-19
Marie Nakhoul, MD, a certified art therapy coach will discuss art therapy, what it is and is not and how it help link the mind and body to bring balance and prevent burn out. She share how it helps participants focus on emotions, the unconscious, and thoughts that are difficult to verbalize to improve health and well-being.

Replay and participate in this webinar | Enter password: N#9%ZPXT

Intimacy, Closeness and Relationships with the Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic
Are your relationships in lock down? How do you stay connected and maintain intimacy safely during COVID-19? Sage Bolte, PhD, Chief Philanthropy Officer and President, Inova Health Foundation, and Jennifer Bires, MSW, LCSW, OSW-C, Executive Director of Life with Cancer and Patient Experience, Inova Schar Cancer Institute, on fostering intimacy, closeness and relationships during the COVID-19 pandemic and tips to maintain connection.

Replay and participate in this webinar | Enter password: $g!Z3K@z

Creating Your Own Self-Care Plan and Protecting Yourself from Burnout during COVID-19
You hear this all the time: take care of yourself. Putting ourselves first when it comes to self-care is important before taking care of those around us. Deborah Kim, MPH, CHC, Inova Well, ACE-Certified Health Coach will speak on self-care and help guide listeners to create their own self-care plan centered on personal priorities and identify what five senses keep you alert. Having a self-care plan helps to avoid burnout and offset stress because you can focus more on being ‘up’ and optimistic for yourself and those around you.

Replay and participate in this webinar | Enter password: 8Y^712@6

Nourish and Move to Stay Well throughout COVID-19
This a virtual workshop covers the tools for eating well and staying active with presenter Kelsey Coates, BS, CHC, Health Coaching Program Manager with Inova Well. She will lead an interactive discussion on optimizing your nutrition with quick and healthy meals that can be served to a family or for a single person after work.

Replay and participate in this webinar | Enter password: 6M&0q34#

HeartMath® and How Practice Can Help Reduce Inner Stress Heightened by COVID-19
Steph Herbert, Director, Inova Well and Certified HeartMath Trainer will present on HeartMath® which is an officially validated system of breathing techniques to maintain “coherent,” or stable, heart rhythms that positively impact cognitive function and help regulate stress. HeartMath offers easy-to-learn breathing techniques designed to be used “in the moment,” whatever the situation, to self-regulate our own emotions and behaviors.

Replay and participate in this webinar | Enter password: 7P*EJH63

Coping with COVID-19: What Can Ergonomics Offer?
Shannon DelBorrello, MS, CHC, Inova Well, Program Health Coach. She will discuss ergonomic strategies for our clinical team members working on their feet at a nurse’s station, as well as for those working from home in a day of back-to-back Zoom meetings by computer or mobile screen. Come away with easy-to-implement tips to keep our bodies fluid in the new normal of changing work and home conditions and routines as a result of COVID-19.

Replay and participate in this webinar | Enter password: 6E=5XS#7

COVID-19: Infection Prevention and Control in a Clinical Setting, Home and Staying Protected
David Wheeler, MD is an infectious disease specialist affiliated with Inova Fairfax Hospital will present on exposure risk assessment and management in the context of the COVID-19 virus to help us better understand the disease, its transmission, and treatments that Inova is currently using to care for patients as well as the dual risk to healthcare workers at work, to their families outside of work, and measures to reduce this risk.

Replay and participate in this webinar | Enter password: 2n*66@02

The Kids are Gonna be Alright… Right?? Helping Children Cope during COVID-19
Amanda L. Thompson, PhD will discuss and provide parents with practical strategies to help promote their child’s positive coping directed as a of result changing routines, quarantine and social distancing precautions, ongoing uncertainty, and the loss of special events and previously held plans and how to engage on topics and facilitate meaningful family and peer connections.

Replay and participate in this webinar | Enter password: 5q#9!3n6

Managing Anxiety During COVID-19
This workshop will discuss a check-in system to identify your needs, monitoring your mood, and coping tips, presented by Rachel Noble, MS, LPC, Mental Healthcare Provider.

Participate in this webinar | Enter Password: 0e^833k%

Need Sleep? Interventions for Healthful Sleep
Hear Darah Curran, LCSW, OSW-C, remind us about the need for quality sleep and impact when stress from situational anxiety such as COVID-19 robs us of it. Learn tools to get back to sleep.

Replay and participate in this webinar | Enter Password: 8u.27431

Compassion Cultivation eWorkshop for Healthcare Workers
In this workshop, discussed is the topic of “compassion cultivation,” as presented by Dr. Lolak. Research shows that self-compassion skills can be of particular benefit to health care professionals, allowing them to experience greater satisfaction in their caregiving roles, less stress, and more emotional strength. Receive strategies to practice compassion cultivation for ourselves and others.

Replay and participate in this webinar | Enter Password: 5r!x%27?


Workplace Violence Prevention Toolkit

If you have questions about workplace violence, please reach out to your leader or the appropriate department: security, team member health or human resources, depending on the situation.

Download the Workplace Violence Toolkit

Health and Wellness Coaching

FREE Inova Well Health and Wellness Coaching

FREE Wellbeing Support for Inova Departments/Teams

Email Kelsey Coates for more information

  • Team Bonding Activities (various options):
  • Interactive Wellness Seminars & Workshops for huddles/meetings/retreats/trainings
  • Resilience & Combatting Burnout
  • Nutrition
  • Physical Activity/Exercise
  • Sleep Health/Hygiene
  • Stress Management
  • Life-Work Integration
  • Mindfulness, Meditation, Breathwork, Grounding Techniques
  • Ergonomics
  • Interactive Wellness Booths
  • Virtual Reality Goggles
  • InBody Body Composition Screenings
  • Ask the Coach

FREE Inova WellBaby Support


FREE BurnAlong Online Fitness & Wellness Program

We have a new FREE online fitness and wellness program available to all Inova Teammates and their families! Described in INC Magazine as “wellness that works,” and accessible on phones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs, BurnAlong gives you

  • Instant access to on-demand and live video classes from 100’s of instructors spanning 45+ health and wellness categories including, cardio, yoga, dance, mindfulness, sleep, nutrition, chronic conditions, financial wellbeing, prenatal and kids classes.
  • The youngest person who uses BurnAlong is 6 weeks old (taking mother and me classes) and the oldest is 97 (and counting). There are classes for every age, interest, and level. Classes range from 5 minutes to more than 60 minutes.

Take classes alone or invite friends and family to join you live - see and hear each other while taking classes together.

The service is available free of charge to four of your friends and/or family members.

Download the flyer

Sign up and get started today! 


Joan and Russell Hitt Center for Healthy Living

Spiritual Wellness

Compassion Fatigue Video by Inova Chaplaincy

We are pleased to share a short video on Compassion Fatigue, presented by IFMC Chaplain, Dustin Parsons-Schwarz. Remember to give yourself grace during this time and know that compassion fatigue is normal.

Watch the video

Inova Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care Services

Inova Alexandria Hospital

  • Rev. William H. Tweedley, BCC, Manager, Spiritual Care
  • Volunteer chaplains are available by phone at 703-504-3852 or via hospital operator or pager 78425

Inova Fair Oaks Hospital

  • Chaplain Katie Mayo Smith, MDiv.
  • Office and Spectralink: 703-391-4624 (M-F, 9am-5pm)
  • Pager #12532 (M-F, 9am-5pm)

Inova Fairfax Medical Campus

  • Rev. Dustin Parsons-Schwarz, MDiv, BCC, Interim Manager, Spiritual Care
  • Call 703-776-3767 (leave a message after hours) | Emergencies after hours: pager #77277
  • Prayer requests accepted by email:

Inova Loudoun Hospital

  • Chaplain Debbie Carlton, M.Div, Dmin, BCC
  • Call 703-858-8462 (In-hospital pager #73478)

Inova Mount Vernon Hospital

  • Rev. Kinwana McGrigg, Lead Chaplain, Spiritual Care
  • Call 703-664-7263 or via the hospital operator

Inova Schar Cancer Institute

  • Rev. Caroline Bass, M.Div, BCC, Chaplain, Spiritual Care
  • Call 571-472-0766 (pager #102568)


Mental or Spiritual Support from Life with Cancer

Daily Wellbeing Support

Inova Well Portal

Eating Well: Practice Healthy Behaviors - Here, There and Everywhere

Good nutrition and healthy eating habits provide a foundation for being healthy. In this video, we'll discuss the food mood connection and how to keep things simple while balancing your meals. 

Watch Now

Going Home Checklist

Legal Assistance

Free ½ hour consultation with an attorney. If the referred attorney is retain for services, 25% discount off the attorney’s hourly fee.

Call 1-800-346-0110 for consult. 

Referrals for Childcare, Pet, and Elder Care

Inova Employee Assistance Program offers: 

  • Nanny Services
  • ChildCare Center Search
  • Backup Day Care Finder
  • Pet Care
  • Boarding Service
  • Eldercare

Contact: 1-800-346-0110 for a consult or login to, Username: Inova | Password: EAP

Referrals for Financial Assistance

Access to free unlimited telephonic consultations for financial counseling and education on a variety of issues related to consumer debt and budgeting.

Referrals for Home Care

Employee Assistance Program provides daily living support for: 

  • Home Care Services
  • Transportation
  • Nutrition Services

Contact: 1-800-346-0110 for a consult or login to, Username: Inova | Password: EAP


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